Dairy Tour


Experience Our Modern Dairy Farm

Ride the Moo Town Trolley to North Harbor Dairy for a fun and fascinating tour of our state-of-the-art calf barn, heifer barn, 1000 cow free stall dairy barn, and round-the-clock modern milking parlor.
  • Learn how baby calves are raised and watch them drink from their robotic feeders!
  • See as many as 100 baby calves, as young as 1 day old!
  • Watch as dairy cows are milked in a modern milking parlor on our family’s fifth generation farm. We milk 24 hours a day!
  • Discover details about the computer technology that helps track a cow’s daily production of milk, her food and nutritional intake, and her breeding and delivery dates!
  • Ask questions about how farms contribute to our food supply and to the communities that we live in.
  • You’ll visit and learn about the 1000+ head of cattle that reside at the farm!

In-person Dairy Tours:

Tour of North Harbor Dairy: 30-40 minute tour

$4/ adult, $0 child on the dairy tour with farm ADMISSION (Dairy tours run on Saturday & Sunday only and have limited seating per tour).

Free, interactive dairy tours for students and families everywhere. Come visit North Harbor Dairy at Old McDonald’s Farm via Zoom. It’s simple; your class, home school group, or family schedules a Zoom visit time with us and we take you on a live, interactive tour of our dairy. Together we will visit the calf barn and pick out a favorite calf for your class to name and call their own. During the school year you can contact us anytime for updates and pictures of your special cow. We will walk through the barns together, visit the parlor, and watch the feed wagon mix and deliver food for our hungry herd. It’s a special, behind the scenes dairy tour just for your class, group, or family. Please email Emma Shirley at emmashirley522@gmail.com
for details and scheduling. Generously funded through the Sackets Harbor Ag Education & Awarness Center by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, Farm Credit AgEnhancement program, and Pioneer/Corteva Agriscience, Dairy Farmers of America, Great Lakes Cheese, and the American Dairy Association Northeast.

You’ll enjoy the dairy tour so much, you’ll forget you are learning!

Visit the North Harbor Dairy/ Robbins Family Grain website www.robbinsfamilygrain.com